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EU warns Apple it cannot play monopoly with USB-C

by on08 May 2023

Defeats the point of the law

The EU is concerned that the fruity cargo cult Apple is working to bypass a new law introducing USB-C as the standard power cable in Europe.

For those who came in late last year, the EU passed legislation requiring mobiles and other devices with wired charging to be equipped with a USB-C port. The idea is that this would save a lot of polar bears because electric cables will be standardised and can plug into any device.

Apple does not use USB-C and favours Lightning standard connections. It has December 28, 2024 to adhere to the law and is expected to make this happen with iPhone 15 models later this year.

However, the dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell-on-earth yarn that Apple is trying to get around the spirit of the law by inventing a "Made for iPhone" USB-C port and throttling any USC-C which does not meet its new standard. Technically, you can use a rival USB-C cable, but their performance would be rubbish. Apple users must buy only the Apple standard cable at a suitable price set by Jobs’ Mob.

However, European Commissioner Thierry Breton has warned Apple that sort of thing will not fly, and if Job’s Mob persists with these sorts of antics, then the iPhone will be banned throughout the EU.

This is not the first time Apple has been warned by the EU. German newspaper Die Zeit said the report says the EU warned Apple during a meeting in mid-March.


Last modified on 08 May 2023
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