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Apple allows ethernet connections on iPhone 15

by on26 September 2023

Hush, its secret

Fruity cargo cult Apple has a feature on its iPhone 15 which for some reason, has not been mentioned in any marketing – a secret wired ethernet connection.

Some Apple fanboys have found that their incredibly hot phones have USB-C to Ethernet adapters, allowing for a wired internet connection with faster download speeds than Wi-Fi.

Apple pointed out the information is buried in a support document with USB to Ethernet adapters listed as compatible with iPhone 15 models. However, it does not seem to be pushing what should be a useful feature.

Most Apple fanboys would not even be aware of the function as it can only be seen when an iPhone is connected to an Ethernet cable.  When this is done an otherwise hidden Ethernet menu appears in the Settings app with IP-related information and various configuration options.

One of the reasons that Apple might not be so keen on pushing the connection is that the wired plug is faster and more reliable than the Wi-Fi version.

Last modified on 26 September 2023
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