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Smartphone sales plummet

by on29 September 2023

Going the way of the dodo 

North American Smartphone sales have plumetted in what analysts Canalys call the worst quarterly performance for over a decade.

Sales in the second quarter fell 22 per cent, year over year, and with these numbers, and Canalys thinks that the smartphone market will be down 12 percent overall in 2023.

Apple is down 20 per cent for second quarter with 54 percent market share. Samsung is down 27 per cent, in second place overall with 24 percent market share. Motorola is next with a 25 per cent decline and only eight per cent market share. TCL, a TV company that feels like it only briefly dabbled in smartphones, is the single biggest loser, down 30 percent, with five per cent market share.

The only outfit which saw its smartphone sales increase was Google. Its Pixel sales might be lower than the big names, but it saw a sales increase of 59 per cent, earning Google 4 percent of the market.

It was the same story last year, when Google jumped to per cent. In a few quarters, the company might hit fourth place.

The biggest loss on the chart is actually "others," down 43 per cent, likely representing the further consolidation of the Android market. 

Last modified on 29 September 2023
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