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First Skylake Core i7 6700K scores revealed

by on14 July 2015

6.7 percent better than Haswell Refresh

The first scores of Chipzilla's highly anticipated Skylake desktop processors have been made public and they are better than the Haswell Refresh Core i7 4790K. 

The new processor was benchmarked under a list of popular CPU benchmarks. We expect to see more official benchmarks at some point in August after the Games Convention in Leipzi but some scores have already been released. Under the PC mark conventional home test Skylake Core i7 6700Kscores 6.7 percent better than Core i7 4790K.  Using  PC mark Creative Conventional it is  2.8 percent better, while under PCmark 8 conventional work it scores 1.1 percent less than the Core i7 4790K.

It looks like Cinebench R15 Open GL is the biggest winner with 29.1 percent, and that is thanks to the new GPU which 3Dmark also likes. Sandra 2015 Multimedia 1 test scores are 21.5 percent better  

The tests show that Chipzilla managed to increase the memory bandwidth but this can be because of the new platform's DDR4 memory. 

Overall Skylake looks promising and a decent upgrade.  However don't think it will change your life much, particularly on the PC. Skylake will show more potential in mobile computing. End users will love the fact that most notebooks will ship with a wireless charger, it will support WiGig fast transfer protocol and will help you get rid of the wires.


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