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More Intel Coffee Lake-S CPUs show up online

by on22 January 2018

Celeron, Pentium, Core i3, and Core i5 SKUs 

As Intel is expected to reveal the rest of its Coffee Lake-S lineup sometime next month, it comes as no surprise that some of those SKUs have already leaked online.

Since Intel has delayed its entry-level B360/H370 and H310 chipset, these entry-level CPUs have been delayed as well but according to a listing from Australian e-tailer, spotted by, suggests that this should change soon as Intel will unveil a couple of new SKUs, including two Celerons, three Pentiums, one Core i3 and two Core i5 SKUs.

The list starts with the Celeron G4900 and G4920, both dual-core, dual-thread SKUs with 2MB cache, working at 3.1GHz and 3.2GHz. These are listed at AUD $64 and AUD $80.

There are also three Pentium G5000 series SKUs, all dual-core SKUs with four-threads and 4MB of cache. The Pentium G5400 works at 3.7GHz, G5500 works at 3.8GHz and G5600 works at 3.9GHz. These are priced at AUD $97, $127 and $142, respectively.

Intel is also preparing one new Core i3 SKUs, the Core i3-8300. This is a quad-core part with four threads, has 8MB of cache and works at 3.7GHz. The two new Core i5 parts are quite interesting, the Core i5-8500 and Core i5-8600. These are clocked at 3.0GHz and 3.1GHz, should be six core parts with six-threads, pack the same 9MB of cache and should be 65W parts, just like the already available Core i5-8400.

The Core i3 is listed at AUD $211, while the Core i5-8500 and Core i5-8600 carry the AUD $290 and AUD $329 price tags.

Intel needs to put some pressure on AMD's lineup and these new chips will do exactly that, at least if these prices are right.

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Last modified on 22 January 2018
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