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Intel Gaming offers @AMDRyzen an 8086K CPU

by on19 June 2018

Twitter wars

Intel found its sense of humor and offered to send @AMDRyzen twitter account, a brand-new Core i7 8086K.

Thanks for helping us celebrate the 8086!

Said @IntelGaming to @AMDRyzen.

This was rather bold and funny tweet, a reply to AMD's offer to swap Intel’s Core i7 8064K winners with a Threadripper X1950X.

As part of the 40 years celebration of 4086, Intel promised a few lucky winners from selected countries a Core i7 8086K limited edition. AMD reacted with an offer to swap each and every of them with a brand new Threadripper 1950X CPU.

It is funny that Intel and AMD actually got into a rather public verbal fight via President Trump’s favorite way of diplomacy. The way things are developing we all might be out of jobs as companies and apparently presidents of countries can directly access the public with simple tweets.

It almost looks like you don’t need to read a journalist/analyst derived and filtered work. Our job for the most part is to dig and find behind the real story behind the story. Companies always put things in superlatives and we need to find the truth behind the overhyped reports.  

You must trust the source, as it comes from an official TwitFeed and this appears to be the common theme. However, this is a double edged sword as it will put companies’ PR departments down to one person capable of tweeting without typos. It doesn’t have to be PR proofed either.  

Last modified on 19 June 2018
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