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HDD shipments to drop in 2019

by on07 May 2019

By nearly 50 percent

With Solid-state drives both getting cheaper and higher in capacity, it does not come as a surprise that HDD shipments are expected to drop by nearly 50 percent in 2019.

According to a report spotted by Anandtech and coming from Nidec, a Japanese company which manufactures 85 percent of all DC motors for HDDs, shipments of HDDs are expected to significantly drop this year. This continues the trend started last year when the company shipped 375 million motors, which is a significant drop compared to 650 million motors shipped back in 2010.

While data centers are still using high capacity HDDs, client market is pretty much focused on SSDs. SSDs have become a mainstream option and even big HDD manufacturers are focusing on SSDs, leaving HDDs for specialized markets, like surveillance and NAS.

While HDDs still hold the throne when it comes to cheap storage and are still cheaper than SSDs, especially when it comes to high capacity storage, SSDs are steadily taking over.

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