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AMD introduces new naming scheme for its future mobile processors

by on09 September 2022

Trying to clear up some confusion in that market segment

As of next year, AMD is introducing a new naming scheme for its mobile processors, trying to clear up some confusion in that market segment.

The new naming scheme, although still a bit complicated, will still carry four numbers and a letter, but this time around, those numbers and letters will stand for a model year, market segment, architecture, feature isolation, and form factor/TDP.

As explained on the Ryzen 5 7640U below, the first digit will represent the model year, with 7 being 2023, 8 being 2024, and so on. The second number will represent the market segment, or rather if you are looking at Althon, Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, or Ryzen 9 processor. The third number is reserved for architecture, with the number 5 for Zen 5 architecture.

The fourth number is for feature isolation if needed, and it will be either 0 or 5. The letter is where AMD is making most of the changes, and we will still see the HX, HS, and U-series processors, for high-performance, thin gaming/creator, and premium ultrathin segment, as well as C for Chromebooks, and "e" for fanless versions of the U-series.

amd mobilenaming 1

AMD is promising that the new naming scheme is here to stay, and it will be here for years to come. The chart below shows what it will look like for 2023, and this will only apply to mobile processors as the naming scheme for desktop processors will remain the same.

amd mobilenaming 2


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