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Corsair unveils new 24GB and 48GB Vengeance DDR5 memory and kits

by on08 March 2023

Coming in 48GB (2x24GB) DDR5-7000 and 192GB (4x48GB) DDR5-5200 options

Corsair has unveiled new high-performance and high-capacity memory kits that will be a part of its Vengeance DDR5 and Vengeance RGB DDR5 series and come in 48GB (2x24GB) DDR5-7000 and 129GB (4x48GB) DDR5-5200 options.

Compatible with Intel's 700 series motherboards, Corsair says it worked closely with ASUS to ensure that these new kits work flawlessly across the full range of 700 series motherboards.

While Corsair already announced its 48GB and 96GB memory kits earlier in February, these new 48GB kits bring higher 7000MHz frequency at 40-52-52-114 latency. They work at 1.4V and support Intel XMP 3.0.

Corsair is also bringing new high-capacity Vengeance DDR5 and Vengeance RGB DDR5 kit with the 192GB (4x48GB) DDR5-5200 kit, working at lower 1.25V and tighter 38-38-38-84 latency.

All new Vengeance DDR5 and Vengeance RGB DDR5 kits will be available immediately from both Corsair webstore and retailers and distributors.

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