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Russia denies trying to steal COVID-19 vaccine
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Tsar Putin has invented his own vaccine he does not need yours

The Kremlin rejected Western allegations Russia had tried to steal COVID-19 vaccine data, Russian news agencies reported.

COVID-19 has not stalled Linux development
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2020 is still the year of Linux on the desktop

Linus Torvalds and Dirk Hohndel have been telling anyone who will listen that while COVID-19 has slowed down many technologies, while speeding up other tech developments, it hasn't affected Linux development much at all.

COVID-19 not to blame for Apple and Huawei’s falling growth
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It’s a mess says GlobalData

While supply chain disruptions and retail store closures due to COVID-19 lockdowns in early 2020 have impacted smartphone revenues, other factors such as post-holiday seasonality, slowing phone upgrade rates and geopolitics have played a part on their bottom line, says GlobalData.

Swan advises to stop looking at benchmarks
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Intel is the best you just have to take our word for it

We were looking through the transcripts of last week’s Computex and noticed that Intel CEO Bob Swan made a surprising comment about benchmarking.

Wearables market kung flued
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Wednesday, 03 June 2020 10:34

Wearables market kung flued

Device sales dropped

Beancounters at ABI Research have noted that sales of wearables have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic because consumer interest in buying non-essential devices has dropped in the first quarter of 2020, along with the issues associated with a hampered supply chain.

Apple and Google roll out COVID-19 exposure notification system
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Unified programming interface for public health 

Tech giants  Apple and Google have rolled out a COVID-19 exposure notification system, essentially a unified programming interface that will allow public health departments to create their own contact tracing applications.

Kiwi telcos show the way forward
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Thursday, 21 May 2020 10:26

Kiwi telcos show the way forward

Globaldata praises methods of tackling COVID-19 impact

Beancounters at GlobalData have praised telco service providers in New Zealand for giving a lesson to the rest of the world as to how they should handle the coronavirus impact.

COVID-19 contact tracing apps should be voluntary says EU
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Looking at ways to open borders

The European Commission will urge EU governments to use COVID-19 contact tracing apps on a voluntary basis as part of a package of measures aimed at lifting border restrictions and reviving the European Union’s tourism and travel industries.

Wyld Networks sees a future in Mesh
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Tuesday, 12 May 2020 10:27

Wyld Networks sees a future in Mesh

Mashing up the mesh

Wyld Networks, which is promoting its mobile mesh networks and wireless IoT connectivity, is finding backers from investors wondering what life will be like after the COVID 19 virus passes.

Nintendo will be kung-flued
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Friday, 08 May 2020 11:04

Nintendo will be kung-flued

Is going to struggle with coronavirus

Console maker Nintendo is going to have a hard time shaking off the effect of the coronavirus, according to analyst outfit Global Data.