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XFX Secret Weapon tested - HD 5970 Black Edition

by on25 September 2010


The $1000/€1000 price, here, is serious dough and many of us would never splash out that much on a graphics card, despite the fact that XFX's HD 5970 4GB Black Edition is every gamer's dream. However, XFX didn't aim at the general masses with this card but rather at collectors and enthusiasts that like their graphics extra saucy. Indeed, XFX HD 5970 4GB Black Edition is one of the fastest cards around at the moment, not least helped by overclocking and the extra 2GB of GDDR5 memory.

XFX so far made sure that everyone knows what the company’s secret weapon is, and built a site that’s there to promote these beasts. You can check it out here.

Our hat is off to XFX for one of the most imaginative packages we’ve seen – HD 5970 4GB Black Edition comes inside a plastic package resembling a P-90 gun and comes with a specially designed LAN Party bag. This is not the first time XFX has managed to surprise everyone with quality of packaging, but what’s inside is capable of blowing anyone away.

Note however, that XFX’s HD 5970 Black Edition is much more than mere overclock of any HD 5970. Black Edition card comes with six video outs and, unlike the reference card with its three video outs, will take up to 6 monitors simultaneously. Thanks to the factory overclock, gaming performance is exquisite.

We were impressed with both the looks and performance, although we didn’t quite like the pricing and noise levels in idle and in 3D. However, XFX’s HD 5970 2GB Black Edition is the fastest card we’ve tested so far.

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