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Scythe Kozuti low profile cooler tested

by on01 June 2011



As we've come to expect from Scythe, the built quality is excellent. With it's unusual design Scythe has once again proven to be innovative and now, even ITX case owners have a choice for a 3rd party cooler.

With only 250g and 40mm height (about 43mm mounted) the cooler is more powerfull than we have expected just by the looks of it. The mounting is not as easy, but as long as you don't need to change the CPU all the time, it's easy enough.

The sweet spot for such a product are CPUs up to 65W TDP; higher TDPs are possible but it would also cause much more noise. In our tests, the cooler kept the temperatures down to acceptable levels without doing any noticeable noise. Also consider we did test with Prime95 and most applications don't come close to the CPU-load Prime95 does.

Of course such quality has its price and is now on sale for about €25,-/$32,- which is not quite a bargain. However, due to it's unique design and the quality Scythe delivers we have no other choice but to recommend it. If you need a cooler for your ITX or µATX case, don't look further, because the Kozuti is as good as it gets.


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Last modified on 08 June 2011
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