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Xiaomi Redmi TV Bar Speaker 30W reviewed

by on13 November 2020

Review: Sub 50 Euro soundbar for the win

Redmi by Xiaomi is more known for phones, but in the meantime, the company also makes TV and soundbars, among other things, offering them at a favorable price in quite good quality.

The Xiaomi Redmi TV Bar Speaker we tested is black mate ABS based Soundbar. The surprisingly inexpensive compact soundbar supports SPIDF, a 3.5 mm Audio connector as well as Bluetooth 5.0. It weighs 1.35 kilo (three pounds) and packs two 245x80mm racetrack type full frequency 30W speakers.


The soundbar measures (L x W x H): 78.00 x 6.40 x 6.30 cm / 30.71 x 2.52 x 2.48 inches and it is nicely rounded featuring slick design. It will fit on a table or a wall below the TV.

The box includes a china cable, as well as wall mounts. There is no remote, which is surprising, but it turned out that we didn't miss that.


30W doesn't sound much, but powerful enough for music and TV playback, especially considering the price.  

The Soundbar comes with an Auto Shutdown, Auto Sleep, AUX Function, Resonance, Stereo, Telescoping Resonance Chamber, and wired of wireless operation.


The retail box finished in typical Xiaomi / Redmi style without much glamour includes a speaker, 220V power adapter, short Chinese manual, two Expansion rubber plug, EVA foam pads two screws for wall mounting. Luckily you can find an English version of a manual on the internet.



The Soundbar has the controls from the bar's right-hand side, and the company kept things relatively simple. A long press of the power button will turn the speaker on. The same button during operation acts as a play and pause button.

There is a volume down and up on the round switch sides, and opposite to the power is the Bluetooth pairing/source switch button. That is it, and honestly, that is all you need.


The sound quality is quite lovely with pronounced bass, aimed to please young hip hop and stronger bass generation. The 45 x 80 mm seized left and right speaker do a good job and even produce a decent bass, considering that the product doesn't have an external subwoofer. But you don't expect that at such a low price point.

The power cable is integrated into the speaker.  


A long press on the side power button turns the speaker on.  The Redmi Soundbar plays a sound - making sure you will know that the speaker is turned on. There is also a discrete blue LED on the front that will tell you that the speaker works. Pressing the same button a bit longer will turn the speaker off.

Bluetooth pairing is relatively straight forward, and it worked well with our phone. The sound quality is decent for the price. The product ships within Europe  for US$65.99 or about 55.60 Euro. That is a price that is tough to beat, considering the quality of the product.


Our readers get a special treat. Using a BGRMS725 code will drop the price further to $57.99 or about 49 Euro. It applies to all warehouses, including the US, Czechia (EU), or China, and will be valid until the end of the month.

We found it interesting that the product doesn't include any remote control, but the TV volume will do the job, and in case of a phone and Bluetooth connection, you can use a phone to control the volume sound.


It does what it is supposed to, and this is one of the most affordable soundbars that will deliver decent sound quality for budget users. The bass is on the stronger side, but the TV, movies, or music sounded just right.

Of course, much more expensive speakers will offer better performance. Still, the Xiaomi Redmi TV Bar with 30W of power is enough for many young populations on a budget. It will serve as a TV Soundbar speaker or a Bluetooth Speaker with decent sound for home gatherings.

Selling at below 50 Euro or $57.99, it is a steal for what it offers.


Last modified on 13 November 2020
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