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TV panel prices set to rebound
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Supply getting tighter

If you are thinking of buying a telly now might be the time as prices are expected to be jacked up as supply gets tighter.

AMD starts cutting prices
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Prices aren’t Ryzen at all

Already good value for money, AMD is dropping the price of its Ryzen 7 processors.

Silicon wafer prices will rise this year due to demand increase
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After reaching 11 year low per square-inch

Prices of semiconductor-grade silicon wafers are expected to rise this year thanks to a ramp-up of demand coming from China-based foundries, according to Doris Hsu, chairman and CEO of GlobalWafers.

Apple increases UK prices
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See Brexit was good for Brits after all

The fruity cargo-cult Apple is jacking up the prices of its already pricey goods in the UK.

Microsoft jacks up British prices
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Failing pound to blame

Software king of the world Microsoft is showing the UK the cost of its nationalism and retarded hatred of foreigners as it jacks up its post-Brexit prices by 13-22 percent.

Intel slowed PC sales to increase Skylake's price
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Things Chipzilla can do while AMD naps

Chipzilla might have caused slow PC sales at the beginning of the year to boost the price of its Skylake chips later.


Nothing Mini about the price though


XFX and Sapphire 7970 GHz editions incoming

intel logo_new

HDD is pretty much doomed


Mac Book Pro retina for €3840