Apple set to SOC it to 'em, baby
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If you go it alone, you make more money

A senior analyst predicted at a conference in Barcelona today that following its success on the processor front, it is only a matter of time before Apple creates its own system on a chip (SOC), bypassing suppliers in its egostructure (sic).

Telcos sue California
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04 October 2018

Telcos sue California

We demand that you prop up our monopoly and pay what we tell you

Four lobby groups representing the broadband industry today sued California to stop the state's new net neutrality law which will prevent them creating a two tier internet and charging what they like.

FCC is biased in favour of telcos and ISPs
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High profile advisor quits

A high profile broadband advisor to the US FCC has quit claiming the watchdog has become a puppet of the telcos and ISPs.

EU wants more privacy on web services
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Extending secuirty and confidentuality of phone to Skype and WhatsApp

The EU is planning to extend telecom rules covering security and confidentiality of communications to web services such as Microsoft's Skype and Facebook's WhatsApp. However it looks like this could be used to restrict how they use encryption.


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