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Point of View / TGT GTX 570 Beast reviewed

by on22 February 2011



Point of View / TGT stuck to reference cooling for their card. Note that GeForce GTX 570 requires two slots in your system. Thankfully, Nvidia did a great job this time around and managed to get some really good cooling performance. However, since the GTX 570 Beast boasts pretty high clocks, we were afraid it might not be enough. Measurements show that GPU temperatures during intensive operation won’t go over 90°C.


The plastic hood covers the entire card and all that’s visible is the blower-style fan, which exhausts hot air out the back of the system chassis. Geforce GTX 580 and Geforce GTX 570 feature a new adaptive GPU fan control algorithm that smoothes the ramp up/down of the fan speed under load.


GTX 580/570 is the same size as Geforce GTX 480, measuring 10.5 inches or 26.7 centimeters in length. GTX 570 has two 6-pin power connectors maximum graphics card power 219W (for reference card) compared to GTX 580 which has one 6-pin and 8-pin power connector and maximum graphics card power 244W.


The video engine still have maximum of two display supported, no DisplayPort, (the card also supports DisplayPort if board partners want to use it).

The GTX 570 Beast card has two dual-link DVI ports and one mini-HDMI interface. The mini-HDMI to HDMI converter is included in the card’s bundle. Nvidia included an HDMI sound device within the GPU, so there is no need for connecting the card to your motherboard’s/soundcard’s SPDIF out to get audio and video via HDMI.


GTX 570 comes with two SLI connectors. This means you can combine up to four GTX 570 cards in SLI mode for improved performance or image quality settings.


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