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Point of View / TGT GTX 570 Beast reviewed

by on22 February 2011



Point of View / TGT GTX 570 Beast comes with a massive factory overclock, but you can always squeeze a few more frames out if you choose to do so. Reference GPU clock is 841MHz and Afterburner reports GPU voltage as 1037mV. 


Afterburner allowed us to push the GPU voltage to 1100mV, which helped in pushing the GPU all the way up to 925MHz. 


Noise and Thermals

As far as noise levels go, the GTX 570 Beast’s cooler is quiet in idle, with GPU temperature around 44°C.


The GTX 570 Beast gets louder during operation, but not too loud. Note however that we were pretty satisfied with noise levels taking in account the much higher clocks and given performance.


Measurements show that GPU temperatures during intensive operation are some 10°C higher than at reference clocks. Note that temperatures will rarely exceed 89°C during gaming, as the GPUz screenshot above proves.

Power Consumption

The GTX 570 Beast‘s performance is great. Thanks to the factory overclock, this card is faster than the GTX 480. It can hold its own when put up against the GTX 580 but its consumption is higher than on the reference card.

When idle, GTX 570 and GTX 570 Beast consume about the same – Beast consumed about 2-3W more.

During intensive operation however, our rig with GTX 570 Beast inside consumed about 40W more than the same rig with GTX 570. This means that the GTX 570 Beast can draw more power than the reference GTX 580.


Last modified on 22 February 2011
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