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AT&T offers stalker service

by on16 April 2009


For jealous boyfriends and parents who need help

AT&T is
offering a new service that allows parents who are worried that their precious little snowflakes might get a bit lost, or stalkers can track loved ones using their phones.

Dubbed FamilyMaps, the service allows people to track the location of any mobile phone on AT&T's network from a mobile phone or PC. The person being tracked receives a text message informing him or her that he or she is being watched. Users can either track someone in real time by viewing the location on a map or they can set up the service to send them text message alerts or e-mails with location information.

The big idea is that a parent may get an alert each day that his child made it home from school. A jealous girlfriend looking to keep tabs on her boyfriend could set up the service to notify her if her boyfriend happens to wander into a bar or over to his ex-girlfriend's place.

It is only possible to track phones that are part of their family plans so you will not be able to tell what your ex-girlfriend is doing. Unless you masking taped a phone with the tracking gear underneath her car [you have thought about this too much. Ed].

It uses satellite GPS technology and cell tower triangulation to pin-point the location of the phone. The service is not supported on prepaid or AT&T Go Phones. And the service costs $9.99 for two phones and $14.99 for up to five phones.
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