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Sprint Nextel to switch to LTE

by on13 July 2010

So much for WiMax
Sprint head Dan Hesse has indicated that the Telco may launch LTE technology in addition to its WiMax operation.

The outfit is a big fan of WiMax but seems to be admitting that LTE will be the stronger technology in the long run. A move to LTE would make a merger with T-Mobile USA feasible, as the Deutsche Telekom unit is likely to adopt the same technology. One of the reasons Sprint Nextel rejected an offer from Deutsche Telekom to merge with T-Mobile USA in 2008 was because both use different 3G wireless technologies.

Currently Sprint runs its WiMax operations through Clearwire, in which it is the largest shareholder. It is building a 4G infrastructure that will cover nearly 120 million people by the end of 2010, including New York and San Francisco.
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