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AMD VP uses Netbook word

by on07 September 2010

CEO Dirk was wrong about it

It was so funny to see AMD’s VP using something that his CEO sad it won’t stick. Well, Mr. Dirk Mayer the CEO of AMD, we guess you guys were wrong as netbook did stick and even your senior VP Chekib Akrout used the term in his last presentation.

Judging by Arkout's title, Senior Vice President, Technology Group, it looks to us that he his rather high in the chain of command. The good news is that AMD has a good thing going in this Netbook Ontario core really looks good for them. AMD will be the first with a monolithic low power core with good graphics, and Intel’s monolithic Atom is about a year and a half away.

AMD’s CEO simply was not right about Intel’s netbook concept not sticking as it clearly did, although interest is slowly petering out. Unfortunately, this is not the only thing AMD was wrong about in the last few quarters, but they are still around and it’s interesting to see that the company has profitability. We hope Chekib won’t get in much trouble for using one of AMD's least favourite words.

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