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User will not pay Xbox One user/trade fee

by on04 June 2013

Store to pay it and kick it up to Microsoft

Ahead of the official announcement from Microsoft on how the trade-in/used game policy is said to work for the Xbox One, we hear that the “activation fee” that has been talked about is actually something that the store will pay.

The store would pay this fee to Microsoft, who would, in turn, cut the developer in for part of this fee. The problem is that Microsoft has apparently yet to figure out exactly what the fee is going to cost and who the retail partners will be partnering with to make this program a reality.

Even with this knowledge, there are still many questions, including, “Does the fee go down over time; and if so, how much does it go down?” and “Using this new system, used games are going to cost more; how much more are they expected to cost?” These are just two of the questions we suspect many are asking.

Microsoft is asking for patience while they continue to sort this out ahead of E3 where the company has little choice but to explain these details better in order to reverse the continued negative publicity that the Xbox One has been receiving. Still, time is running short and we are not really sure how Microsoft is going to deal with this; but it seems to be destined for a train wreck that everyone just can’t look away from and wants to watch.

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