BT sees giant rise in third quarter profits
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Confident about full-year outcome

BT is saying that it will have a 25 percent rise in third quarter pretax profit and is confident about its full year outcome.

BT offers $778 million to sort out rural broadband
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For 10Mbps target

BT has offered to invest up to 600 million English pounds ($778 million in green backs ) to provide faster broadband services to remote parts of the country.

Google gets allly in EU antitrust case
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BT intervenes 

While most people are looking the other way while the EU takes Google to the cleaners in its antitrust case, BT is defending the search engine outfit.

BT starts giving calls for free
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New generation phone boxes in London

British Telecom has announced that it will soon begin providing Londoners with free public Wi-Fi, free phone calls and free charging in a range of hotspots.

BT runs out of Steam
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01 September 2016

BT runs out of Steam

Sues for stealing ideas

Telco BT is suing the game distributor Steam for allegedly nicking its patented email technology.

Regulator jumps on BT's pricing
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British business lines too pricy

Britain's telecoms regulator Ofcom has come up with a method of controlling the prices BT can charge for some of its high-speed business lines.

BT confirms EE deal
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05 February 2015

BT confirms EE deal

We can finally offer some services 

British Telecom has confirmed that it will be writing a £12.5 billion cheque to buy EE from Orange and Deutsche Telekom.

BT gives more broadband to Scots
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Thanks to Digital Scotland

BT has said that it will be able to give 170,000 additional homes and businesses in Scotland high-speed fibre broadband thanks to £409.8 million from the Digital Scotland programme.

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