Graham Palmer retires from Intel
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Turns in his chips for cash

British Intel legend Graham Palmer has retired from Intel UK. I met up with him a couple of weeks ago (pictured, in The Grapes, Oxford)  and we shared some memories about the Intel Developer Forums we attended together.

Intel working to bring IDF back
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This year 

Well informed sources close to the matter have informed us that Intel is working in bringing the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) back. It even might come back as soon as later this year.

Intel kills off IDF
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18 April 2017

Intel kills off IDF

End of an error

Chipzilla has decided to cancel its Intel Developer Forum tradeshow including this summer's expected IDF17.

Intel trips the light fantastic
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Photonic future on the dark side of the moon

Intel revealed to the Intel Developer Forum that it is launching silicon photonics, to enhance the use of optics for data centre traffic management.

Intel IDF 2015 to take place on August 18th
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Expect Skylake and more

It has been a public secret that Intel was planning to pull in the Intel Developers Forum to August 2015. 

idf2013 logo

IDF 2013: Partner based, end of 2013

idf2013 logo

IDF 2013: 14nm products next year

intel idf2012 logo

IDF 2012: New strategy

14 September 2010

Fusion is small, pictured

Works just fine
13 September 2010

Sandy Bridge pictured

IDF 2010: Move along, nothing to see here