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Key Trump adviser tried to flog WoW gold
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Lost a fortune on it

President Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump’s most popular advisor, Steve Bannon, managed to convince his old bosses at Goldman Sachs to make an incredible investment in a website flogged WoW gold.

Nvidia releases Geforce 372.70 WHQL drivers
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One to have for Battlefield 1 Beta and WOW:Legion

Following the launch of Battlefield 1 Open Beta, which became available to some today, as well as the launch of World of Warcraft: Legion and some other games, Nvidia has released its newest Geforce 372.70 WHQL driver which promises to bring optimizations for these games and some other fixes.

All it takes is a good expansion pack

Can’t be many of them left


It will drop Tuesday, September 25th


But no epiphany to speak of yet


Next expansion to be called Mists of Pandaria

Blizzard to speed up development

Aussie coppers worry about new crime trend

Chalk up one for Blizzard to stop gold farming