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Acer dual touchscreen leaked

by on13 September 2010

Slow and buggy and not until next year
Details of an Acer dual touchscreen laptop have been leaked onto the world wide wibble.

TechReviewSource has found snaps of a 15-inch Acer laptop with two touchscreens is based on a Intel Core i5 CPU and runs Windows 7. Both displays are multitouch enabled and the laptop allows you to “swap” screens if you choose.

It appears that the beast is a long way from hitting the shops. It looks like Acer is aiming to release this dual screen laptop in the autumn of next year. However the word on the street is that the the unit is “still slow and buggy”.

Of course it also has the problem that there is no software which exploits the new technology so most of the time you would hardly use the functions.

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