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Public gets better intelligence than the spooks

by on02 November 2010

Israeli intelligence moans
The great unwashed are getting more information from their civilian internet applications and as a result, militant groups' access to intelligence rivals what government spies can get.

According to  Israel's Shin Bet director Yuval Diskin, cyber technologies were an ascendant international security threat. Basically his argument is that since knowledge is power, the wrong people are getting power. In fact, the only people that should be that informed are governments.

"Intelligence once enjoyed only by countries and world powers can now be obtained through internet systems like Google Earth, internet cameras that are deployed all over the world and linked to the web, or applications for iPhone devices that allow for quality intelligence to be received in real-time," he told a homeland security conference in Tel Aviv.

He said that there was a "mounting debate" among Islamist militant groups over the internet on how to exploit international aviation.

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