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Woman tattoos herself with Facebook friends

by on08 June 2011

152 down her arm
A Dutch woman is so impressed with her Facebook chum that she has tattooed all 152 of them on her arm. Now the Netherlands is pretty flat, so we guess it is hard to have a decent sense of perspective, but this has to be as stupid as the Apple fanboy who tattooed “I love my iPhone 3 Forever” on their shoulder.

According to a 90-second video posted on YouTube titled “My Social Tattoo”, she has all the snaps of all of her Facebook friends tattooed onto her right arm. The woman was not named though the user name of the person who posted the video on YouTube is given as “susyj87”. The work was done in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Facebook seems to attract people who will do something daft. Earlier this year an Egyptian man named his baby daughter Facebook. That was because the social notworking site was crucial in the overthrow of the government there. Last month an Israeli couple decided to name their newborn baby Like after the site, although with a name like that, they would more likely be poked by their school mates.

In ten years time we hope that Facebook is still going, and the woman still knows some of the people she tattooed on her arm. Otherwise she is going to look out-of-date rather than just stupid.

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