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Intel updates its CPU roadmap

by on29 November 2012

Upgrades entry-level Pentiums

Chipzilla will upgrade its entry-level desktop Pentium and Celeron product lines in the first quarter of 2013. The move has been revealed in an updated roadmap found by Digitimes.

It appears that in the first quarter, Intel will launch Ivy Bridge-based 22nm Pentium G2130, G2020 and G2020T and Celeron G1620, G1610 and G1610T processors, while its existing Sandy Bridge-based 32nm Pentium G870, G645 and G645T as well as Celeron G555, G550 and G550T will be phased out of the market. Intel wants no more orders for the Core i7-2700K, Core i5-3450, Core i5-2310, Core i3-2105 and Pentium G440 by the end of 2012.

Intel is set to release several Ivy Bridge-based dual-core processors for notebooks including Core i7-3687, Core i5-3437U, Celeron 1037U, 1007U, 1020M and 1000M in first-quarter 2013. This will set things up for the release its Haswell-based processors in the third quarter. Single-core Celeron processors including the Celeron 807 and B730 will be chopped this year. Sandy Bridge-based 32nm processors currently still account for 60 per cent of desktop shipments, while Ivy Bridge-based 22nm processors account for 34 per cent.

Atom should make up four per cent of shipments and Sandy Bridge E series 2 per cent, the roadmap said. This will change in the first half of 2013, with the launch of the new Pentium and Celeron processors. When this happens Ivy Bridge-based processors' proportion will rise to 75-78 per cent, Sandy Bridge and Atom will together have less than 20 per cent and Haswell, which is set to launch in the second quarter of 2013, will have 4 per cent.

Ivy Bridge E, Sandy Bridge E and Sandy Bridge-based processors will together account for 4 per cent by the middle of the year, Atom will stay at 4 per cent while Haswell will have 20 per cent. Ivy Bridge-based products still the mainstream processor in the market.

It looks like Chipzilla will announce 20nm 530 series MLC SSDs in the first quarter of 2013.

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