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Start button to finally return in Windows 8.x

by on24 April 2014

Should be part of a planned August update

As we told you about previously, Microsoft is planning to listen to the will of the people and bring back the “Start Button” as part of the Windows 8 desktop interface. Sources are not whispering to us that the plan is to introduce the update that includes the revisions to the desktop interface in Windows 8/8.1 as part of an August update.

The new desktop interface revisions that will include the “Start Button” option as part of the desktop interface for Windows 8/8.1 is best described as a kind of hybrid that combines the best of the Windows 7 desktop interface with the Metro interface that was used in Windows 8. As part of this update, Metro apps will be able to run in the old Windows desktop mode in their own Windows.

While some have suggested that the release of this desktop interface update could slip beyond a possible August release, rumor has it that getting this out the door is a priority mandate for the company from the top and we doubt that Microsoft will hold the changes for the Windows 9 release that is slated for early next year.

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