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Microsoft introduce HoloLens glasses

by on22 January 2015

Comes in Windows 10 timeframe

We already have Oculus by Facebook, Nvidia is apparently working on its VR tech, AMD is offering a helping hand to Facebook and Oculus, while Samsung thinks VR glasses are for the Galaxy Note 4 phone powered by tiny GPU. 

Just like Valve, Microsoft thinks that you need big glasses, but these are see-trough VR glasses used for augmented reality rather than VR. Augmented reality will add virtual layers to your field of vision, while Virtual reality wants to take you all in and create something brand new. The solution are holograms that you see with the help of glasses.


Microsoft's HoloLens Glasses look like something that pilots would wear in a cockpit of a F-22 or F-35 jet. If you take them to school you will probably be awarded the geek of the century award, but since the glasses will probably end up with limited battery life, they won't leave your house that often. If you thought Google Glass was socially awkward, wait to see people wearing HoloLens in your local Starbucks.

Microsoft plans to have videos, augmented reality gaming, videos integrated in your reality and someone at Microsoft thinks that a Skype button and calendar on your fridge make perfect sense. It's 78 degrees in Maui and 400 degrees in the oven.

Microsoft calls this approach a new way to visualise our work, speak with Skype windows while walking, tell your wife how to fix a broken pipe or new ways to collaborate. Make sure you check the video below for a better idea of Microsoft sees the HoloLens future. Designers of motorbikes should be able to tweak their designs in virtual digital reality on a hologram motorcycle, or play a game on tables and couches across the room, but we will be anxious to see how this really works.

And guess what - it will let you watch video and even Netflix. Redmond didn’t mention the prices of the device but we guess it won't be cheap. Let's hope it will sell better than the Zune. (Or Kin phone Ed)

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