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Toshiba shows off new key value drive

by on19 May 2015

Low latency, large capacity

Toshiba America has been showing off some new tech for scale-out object storage, big data analytics, and virtualization and for active archival.

Toshiba claims the tech can help punters get the benefits of large capacity and high performance scale-out object storage while maximizing the uptime and reducing the overall time to repair.

At the centre of the cunning plan is a multi-device storage solution that integrates Ethernet, solid state drive (SSD) for low latency, large capacity hard disk drive (HDD) for higher throughput, 64-bit compute. It is a Linux platform for running next generation software-defined storage applications on an industry standard 3.5-inch form factor.

Another bit of gear was an Ethernet based HDD-only version primarily optimized for the emerging shingled magnetic recording (SMR) media interface.

This large capacity key value technology is optimized for archival and cold storage applications.

Tar Thirumalai, director of market development at Toshiba Storage Products Business Unit said that the new technologies demonstrate Toshiba's commitment and leadership in emerging key value-based object storage drive markets.

"By approaching this market holistically with two different technologies, Toshiba is addressing both the high performance workloads and large capacity workloads," he said.

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