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Apple has time-keeping problems again

by on29 October 2015

This time it peeved the Pixies

There is something really wrong with the fruity cargo cult Apple’s relationship with the time – for some reason its programmers always have trouble with it.

In school, most kids are given a programming project which involves the time and factors in something to cope with summer time, or alarms, or regional variations. It is incredibly basic, yet for some reason Apple can’t do it. This is odd for a company that actually makes a watch.

Twice, once in 2013 and another time 2010, Apple caused alarms to malfunction because Apple programmers have been unable to sort out summer time which meant that Apple fanboys overslept or woke up too early when the clocks went back.

Now it turns out that Apple’s new overnight update feature switches off Apple fanboys alarms to really mess with their day.

A bug in iOS 9.1 shuts off their alarms while users were sleeping. As a result, users who needed to get up in the morning found themselves still in bed and late for their morning engagements. Apple users tell us that it is a “super, cool and great feature” as not only do they receive the latest updates without having to do anything about it, they also get to sleep in to celebrate. Poor Android users have to get up and go to work on time.

However not all Apple fanboys were impressed Pixies lead guitarist Joey Santiago moaned on twitter

“All of our iPhones alarms failed to wake up our household. Did anyone's iPhone alarm go off this morning?”

Apple of course has not said anything about it. We guess it is hoping that the problem will be forgotten about by the time it does its next update. Or it might have sent its programmers back to high school to learn basic programming by then.

Last modified on 29 October 2015
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