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Social media is injurious to your health

by on24 January 2018

Tax Twitter and Facebook?

The CEO of Salesforce thinks that social media  should be treated as severely as some countries treat smoking tobacco, he said today at the World Economic Forum in exclusive Swiss resort Davos.

Mark Benioff, according to CNBC, said that cigarettes are addictive, not good for you and there are many parallels between social media and smoking.

He didn't suggest what regulations should be imposed, but some governments penalise smokers by levying big taxes on ciggies. Australia, for example, only lets people entering its borders import 25 cigarettes, while in the UK top brands sell for close to £10 a pack. Probably the cheapest place to buy ciggies in Western Europe is Belgium, while in many other countries, cigarettes are as cheap as chips.  Not silicon chips, that is, crisps.

Benioff claimed that social media designers work to make the media “more addictive: and he believes that the tech industry will be forced to regulate by governments.

He gave very little evidence for his claim.

However, while Donald Trump neither smokes nor drinks, he does seem to be addicted to Twitter.

Last modified on 25 January 2018
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