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Microsoft's Edge stops distributing E

by on18 October 2019


Eezer Goode no longer

Software King of the world Microsoft appears to have stopped taking the E out of its users and is replacing its Edge logo.

Sharp-eyed Fudzilla reader Andrea Sibaldi, who is on the Canary build (nightly) of MS-Edge noticed this morning that Vole's Edge logo had changed.  The long standing letter E had been replaced by something less alphabetical and more circular.

There is been no word from Microsoft about the change, no fanfare, or naked dancing girls sent to Fudzilla offices, so it is possible that the logo is an experiment on Vole's canaries to see if they stop singing, cough and drop dead.

It is not clear what Vole is trying to say about its new browser with this logo.  It looks to us like an old 45, or perhaps a target for the arrows of hacking misfortune.




Last modified on 18 October 2019
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