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Apple fanboys fail online courses

by on22 May 2020

Because schools can’t read Apple’s esoteric photo formats

Apple’s insistence on using esoteric file formats is forcing fanboys to resit their exams.

According to Verge, Apple iPhones use the HEIC format for pictures. It has the advantage for Apple that users are unlikely to change to cheaper more effective phones if they lose their picture archives.

However online exams run by AP exams require longform answers. Students can either type their response or upload a photo of handwritten work. Students who choose the latter option can do so as a JPG, JPEG, or PNG format according to the College Board’s coronavirus FAQ and requires pictures of tests papers to be taken using JPEG.

When Apple fanboys were submitting their pictures using the format blessed by Apple, the web examiners were just failing them. This means they have to retake the tests.

Apple fanboys are furious. It is not their fault for not reading the submission guidelines, or Apple’s fault for insisting on a more obscure file format. It must be those heretics at the College Board who are refusing to follow the Word of Jobs.

In a statement emailed to The Verge, the College Board said that “the vast majority of students successfully completed their exams” in the first few days of online testing, “with less than one percent unable to submit their responses”. The College Board’s website instructs students with iPhones to change their camera settings so that photos save as JPEGs rather than HEICs. We guess this one percent were probably Apple fundamentalists who would not dare use a JPG format because it was not an iPhone default setting.


Last modified on 22 May 2020
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