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Facebook and Twitter about to kill themselves off

by on02 September 2022

Apparently, they are thinking of charging for them 

Executives at Facebook and Instagram are seriously considering killing off their companies by setting up some "premium features" which users will be expected to pay for.

The companies have been seeing members leaving in droves and it seems that the cunning plan is not to attract old users back, but to drive away existing customers with silly pay to use functions. 

According to a leaked memo by The Verge, Meta has set up a new group called 'New Monetisation Experiences' to think up new ways of adding revenue. Normally when other social notworking apps have run monetisation options they offer exclusive features behind a paywall.

It is unclear how far Meta wants to go with this, with many people are thinking of leaving just because it has become boring, invasive or intrusive, the company might want to think twice about it. 


Last modified on 02 September 2022
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