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Russian tech company claims it can kill Starlink

by on21 December 2022

Quicker than waiting for Musk to do it 

A Russian arms manufacturer claims it can help the country's military detect and bombard Starlink satellite dishes, which have been crucial to the defense effort in Ukraine.

The story fits into the highly dodgy category, but we have covered it because it shows how much the Russians are obsessed with Starlink.

The company called the Sestroretsk Arms Factory published a website that debuted the "Borshchevik" or "hogweed" system, which is designed to locate Starlink dishes at a distance of up to 10 kilometers (6.2 miles). The technology claims it can pinpoint a Starlink dish within 5 to 60 meters (16 to 196 feet) of its location. It can be fitted on top of a moving vehicle, allowing it to detect Starlink activity across the front lines on a battlefield.

News of the technology was posted on a Telegram channel called "Reverse Side of the Medal," which seems to be closely associated with the Russian military, including the paramilitary neo-nazi Wagner Group. The user behind the Reverse Side of the Medal channel said they plan on testing the Borshchevik system on the frontlines in Russia's ongoing war with Ukraine.

Starlink has remained a problem for the Russians, if the  Sestroretsk Arms Factory has really developed tech that can spot a Starlink system operating, then the hope is that the Ukrainians might be reluctant to switch it on. 

The satellite system was never designed for military use, made a huge difference to the Ukrainian war effort and provided them with a cheap and cheerful system that was better than anything belonging to the Russian military. Starlink was mostly funded by the US military, despite claims that its CEO Elon [look at me] Musk made claiming his company was entirely subsidising it. 

Last month when Musk did not feel that he was getting enough attention he threatened to pull the plug on the system to the Ukrainians so they would be forced to surrender under his "peace plan." He later changed his mind.


Last modified on 21 December 2022
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