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Google wins best voice assistant contest

by on28 December 2022

Outperforms Siri, Bixby, and Alexa

It is starting to look like Google is slowly taking control over the voice assistant market.

A review of voice assistants conducted by Youtuber MKBHD has found that Google Assistant outperformed Apple's Siri, Samsung's Bixby, and Amazon's Alexa.

Google Assistant is backed by Google's powerful artificial intelligence while this tends to make it eviler, it makes its voice assistant much better. It can understand and interpret user requests better and has a vast amount of data from its users which make it more personalised.

But, according to MKBHD Google Assistant has better conversation skills due to its AI which uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to understand the meaning and context of words and phrases, which helps to keep the conversation going.

Apple's Siri took second place in the competition.  It performed well when asked to complete basic tasks like setting a timer and searching the internet, but got her knickers in a twist when asked to do anything too complex. Siri could not play nice with other apps either. Samsung's Bixby excelled in device control thanks to its integration with Samsung devices. This integration enables Bixby to control system settings and integrate more deeply with apps than any other voice assistant. Bixby can send text messages, check sports scores, turn down screen brightness, check your calendar, and launch apps.

Of all the digital assistants, Amazon's Alexa was the worst. Some of this was not Alexa’s fault – it is not integrated into smartphones, which means it lacks the personalised touch of other voice assistants. This can make it feel less intuitive and less convenient to use. It is less accurate in finding facts, can’t interact with other apps and poor conversational models all combine to create a subpar experience when used on a phone.

In addition, the inclusion of Amazon advertisements between tasks can be annoying and disrupt the user experience.


Last modified on 28 December 2022
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