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Wi-Fi can spy on you

by on19 January 2023

Boffins know where you are and what your position is

Boffins at Carnegie Mellon University are using Wi-Fi signals to determine the position and pose of humans in a room opening the way for your router to spy on your location.

The boffins used bog standard routers like the TP-Link Archer A7 AC1750 at either end of the room, along with various numbers of people in the room. AI-powered algorithms analysed the Wi-Fi signal interference generated by the people.

Wireframe images generated from the Wi-Fi monitoring looked  accurate and the researchers claimed they were as good as some “image-based approaches.”

There are some advantages and attractions for using Wi-Fi over cameras. Firstly, the wireframe estimations of human pose are more respectful of human privacy. Wi-Fi based perception doesn’t require light, and can detect body poses even when there are objects in the way which would obscure a traditional camera view. Another major attraction of this discovery is that Wi-Fi routers are cheaper and more accessible than expensive and power-hungry solutions such as radar and LiDAR.

The system is not perfect yet, particularly if humans make unusual poses or there are too many subjects in the room at once.

Last modified on 19 January 2023
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