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Boston Dynamics shows robot doing a junior construction worker's job

by on19 January 2023

Now pop down the shops and get us four candles, and some tartan paint

Boston Dynamics released a demo of its humanoid robot Atlas, showing it pick up and deliver a bag of tools to a construction worker.

Although the move is simple, it is far better than Elon [look at me] Musk's effort which needs a lot of support not to fall over.

Atlas can run and jump over complex terrain, but its new hands, or rudimentary grippers, "give the robot new life."

The claw-like gripper comprises a fixed finger and one moving finger. These are designed for heavy lifting tasks and were first demonstrated in a Super Bowl commercial where Atlas held a keg over its head.

The videos released today show the grippers picking up construction lumber and a nylon tool bag. Next, the Atlas picks up a 2x8 and places it between two boxes to form a bridge. The Atlas then picks up a bag of tools and dashes over the bridge and through construction scaffolding. But the tool bag needs to go to the second level of the structure -- something Atlas apparently realised and quickly throws the bag a considerable distance.

Boston Dynamics describes this final maneuver: 'Atlas' concluding move, an inverted 540-degree, multi-axis flip, adds asymmetry to the robot's movement, making it a much more difficult skill than previously performed parkour."


Last modified on 19 January 2023
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