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Musk wants to build utopia in Texas

by on10 March 2023

Tire fire of the vanities 

Not content with destroying Twitter, CEO Elon [look at me] Musk has found another shiny object to distract him from making money.

The multi-billionaire is apparently taking time out from abusing disabled employees to build a “utopia” in Texas which will be called Snailbrook. The world utopia and Texas are not something you would normally type in a sentence, but then we are not business geniuses like Musk.  

Musk plans to build the town outside of Austin near his Boring and SpaceX facilities which are under construction. Facebook photos revealed the area already has a collection of modular homes, a pool, an outdoor sports area, and a gym, and already has signs posted that read: “Welcome, snailbrook, tx, est. 2021.”

Musk’s plans include building a place for his employees to live and charging them roughly $800 per month for one and two-bedroom homes, with the caveat that they would have 30 days to vacate the premises if they were laid off or quit -- which is pretty likely.

US companies love buying towns where they could establish a monopoly of power in an area for their wide-ranging companies and make a profit from their employees, but they very often end up like prison camps where employers are the landlord and the shopkeep and everything else one could need.

US history is full of towns were built by coal companies and the workers often lived in poverty and abuse, unless their employer really cared about people -- again something which appears lacking from Musk's DNA.

In fact, if Musk follows historical patterns, he could end up trying to pay employees with a ScripCoin token which can only be spent in the town.

Last modified on 10 March 2023
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