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Microsoft's second-generation Surface Book loses support

by on30 May 2023

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Microsoft's second-generation laptop tablet Surface Book will no longer receive firmware and driver updates after today.

Microsoft announced the Surface Book 2 in November 2017. The computer retained its unique design, focusing on newer hardware and a larger screen display. In addition to the original 13-inch form factor, the Surface Book 2 introduced a 15-inch variant with better internal gubbins.

The Surface Book 2 was powered by Intel's eight-generation Core processors, although the cheapest model featured the previous-gen Intel Core i5-7300U. Entry-level 13 and 15-inch models had no dGPU, so those wanting it for gaming or demanding tasks had to opt for more expensive configurations with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 in the smaller variant or the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 in the larger model.

The gear had good reviews with praises heaped on it for its improved ports, better thermals, snappier performance, and larger display.  The only downside was a significant flaw with the laptop's power supply that could not keep up with the power draw of the high-end 15-inch configurations.

The Surface Book 2 consumed 105W of power under load in "Best Performance" mode, while the PSU could only supply 95W max. As a result, the computer could not keep its battery charged when connected.

It will continue getting Windows updates and features but no new drivers or firmware. The Surface Book 2 is one of the oldest Surface devices to officially support Windows 11 so it should last a couple more years yet. 


Last modified on 30 May 2023
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