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Older Mac Pro users should not upgrade

by on13 June 2023

Tame Apple Press agrees that ten-year-old models are better than the 2023 version for some

Macrumors has compared the new 2023 Mac Pro to older models and found that there will be users who would be better off saving their cash and keeping machines that have been running for a decade.

The reason is that Apple’s homebased chip is not as useful for people who need to actually use the computer for more heavy workloads and the older Pros have a nice, more flexible Intel chip.

Some niche applications and legacy software may still work better on an Intel architecture. Likewise, some users may wish to dual-boot Windows via Boot Camp and this is not possible on the new Mac Pro, Macrumors confessed.

To make matters worse, only Intel-based Macs can support additional graphics cards. This means the new ‌Mac Pro's PCIe slots are only valid for things like digital signal processing (DSP) cards, serial digital interface (SDI) I/O cards, additional networking, and built-in storage.

Given that the Mac Pro is targeted at the entertainment and graphics industry the inability to handle extra graphics power is a major issue.  

To make matters worse, the new Mac Pro can only handle 192GB of memory. The previous model supported almost eight times this amount, so if you need vast amounts of memory, the 2019 model is still better. Similarly, the 2019 model's memory is user-upgradeable. The 2019 Mac Pro supports four more 4K displays than the 2023 model and has four more Thunderbolt ports, which may be important considerations for some users.


Last modified on 13 June 2023
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