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Archetypal Apple fanboy arrested

by on05 February 2024

Rich and incredibly stupid

A daft driver was caught red-handed by the cops after he tried to drive a Tesla with a £2,500 Apple gadget strapped to his face.

The idiot, who calls himself Dante, proudly posted a video on X behind the wheel, wearing his iWatch and carrying his iPhone while wearing the Apple Vision Pro, with an iPad giving him directions. His driving an overpriced Tesla also showed how clever he was.

The video shows him in grey trousers and a black top as he zooms along a motorway somewhere with the virtual reality headset on.

At one point, he takes both his hands off the wheel and fiddles with a screen that only he can see.

The 25-second clip he put on X cuts to him being pulled over by the police. Dante is parked up as the cop car flashes its blue lights behind him.

It is unclear why he thought showing the world how stupid he is was a good idea. May he hoped people will also waste their money on an Apple Vision Pro and he would feel less stupid.

While the loss of Dante is unlikely to cause any significant loss to the world, we would be concerned about the people he could have killed as he piloted his overpriced toy while using another overpriced toy into some innocent people.

We also doubt that he will see any punishment for his crime, because it was the US and he was rich and white.  


Last modified on 05 February 2024
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