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AMD and Intel downplay effect of tablets

by on25 July 2011

Won’t eat into PC sales, much
Chipmakers Intel and AMD don’t appear to be overly concerned by ever growing tablet sales.

During last week’s conference calls, both outfits concluded that tablet sales won’t have much of an effect on their core business.

However, tablet sales seem to have had a negative effect on netbook sales, but they were declining even before tablets came along. Intel CEO Paul Otellini noted that discretionary spending was shifting towards netbooks instead of tablets, which basically means that people are buying toys are now choosing tablets.

AMD VP Rick Bergman believes tablets did not cannibalize PC sales in any significant way. He stressed that AMD views tablets as a market segment complementary to PCs.

Both Intel and AMD have tablet oriented chips, based on Bobcat and Atom cores, but neither can match ARM cores in terms of power efficiency and low cost. However, both companies are focusing on new form factors that could liven up the notebook market, such as ultrabooks and APU based ultraportables.

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Last modified on 26 July 2011
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