Self driving cars are impossible for now
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Thursday, 15 September 2022 11:28

Self driving cars are impossible for now

Ignore what Musk tells you 

Despite claims from Apple, Elon Musk and some other car makers, fully self driving cars are going to be impossible because robots will need humans for a long time.

US chain stores pull Kaspersky Lab products from shelves
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Reds under the beds

Office Depot and Best Buy have removed Kaspersky Lab products from shelves and are offering existing Kaspersky customers replacement security software.

Why did Microsoft rename Win Holographic to "Windows Mixed Reality"?
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First developer kits arriving later this month

Last week Microsoft decided to make a brand name change to the Windows Holographic platform that will ship with an upcoming version of Windows and enable a variety of apps and programs to run on new head-mounted display units arriving this spring.

Eugene Kaspersky threatened to "rub out rival"
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He will sleep with the fishes

The language of the anti-virus industry has always been a little colourful, but Eugene Kaspersky went a little over the top with his godfather impersonation.