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Borderlands 2 finally confirmed

by on04 August 2011

Should arrive at some point around April 2012
While most of us have known for some time that Gearbox would be bringing a sequel to Borderlands, we just didn’t know when it would finally be officially confirmed. We now know that not only is Borderlands 2 confirmed, it is a bit closer than we might have thought.

While we don’t know much about the specifics yet, we hear that the sequel will focus on exploring regions of Pandora that were not able to be accessed in the first game. Of course, there will be plenty of new skills, enemies, equipment, and of course, weapons.

Those wanting to know more and have a look will not have to wait much longer, as 2K will be showing Borderlands 2 at Gamescon and then in North America at PAX. The game is confirmed for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC platforms so far, but rumors suggest that other platforms such as the Wii U or Mac might be possible in the future; but it is up in the air right now while Gearbox focuses on the main three.

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