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Kingston adds 16 GB DDR4 modules

by on14 March 2016

Says SODIMM to rivals

Memory maker Kingston HyperX has just added some 16 GB DDR4 modules to the SODIMM lineup. Now you can grow memory kits up to 64 GB.

SODIMM is always going to be a horrible name for a standard.  It is as if someone said “the standard board need a name for this new standard in ten minutes” and the marketing team just said “Sod ‘em we have something better to do” and someone misheard it.

Nevertheless Kingston's range is rather good. There are few 16 GB DDR4 SODIMM memory modules in the market and Kingston is filling the gap with its new HyperX modules.

Six 16 GB DDR4 SODIMM kits will exist in two flavours – three will be 2133 MHz and three will be 2400 MHz.

There will be a 16 GB kit consisting of a single module, a 32 GB with two modules, and 64 GB with three. The 16 GB and 32 GB 2133 MHz kits will have CL13 timings, whereas the 64 GB 2133 MHz kit will have CL14. 

Prices range from $109.00 through $445.00, you can order them directly from Kingston immediately. This good kit. We are eagerly awaiting the follow-up standard SODIMM and Gomorrah or the SODOFF range

Last modified on 16 March 2016
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