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iOS 5 jailbroken

by on08 June 2011

Tethered for now
It looks like Apple lets hackers unlock exactly what they want to. Just a day after the first beta of iOS 5 got out, hackers, including the celebrity MuscleNerd, reported that they found a way to install iSSH and Cydia on it.

We are not sure if this will work on the iPad 2 but it does work on iPad one and iPhones, including 3GS and 4. There is still no any public showing of the jailbreak that you can test for yourself, but you can expect it soon enough.

iOS 5 is still in its early beta and if Apple wants to do it, it will fix the exploits that make installing Cydia possible. We somehow have no doubt in our minds that the company will plug up the holes, for the upcoming iPhone 5 introduction.

Even if it doesn’t seem this way, we have a felling that Apple completely controls the unlocking and jailbreaking iOs and leaves just enough leash to make users happy.

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