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iPhone 3GS officially discontinued

by on14 September 2012

Will sell while stock lasts

Apple’s iPhone 3GS, the last iPhone with the original low definition screen and curved edges, has been discontinued.

Retail outlets have been told that it’s curtains for the good old 3GS and that it will only be available until stock lasts. No new devices will be manufactured and earlier in the year Apple said it is expecting to sell 1.5 million 3GS units before it bites the dust.

The iPhone 4 has already taken the place of the 3GS in the Apple Store, but before it signs off, the iPhone 3GS will receive an iOS 6 update.

Take a hint Google, the 3GS launched in 2009 with iOS 3, yet it is getting an iOS 6 update. Not a single Android phone launched in 2009 ever got ICS and only a single phone launched in 2010 got Jelly Bean, and we are talking about the Nexus S, which launched in December 2010.

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